Sunday, November 27, 2005

May be a change of plans...

I had originally planned to milk my $300 on Pokerstars in LL tourneys. Play them and as I get up there, increase my buyins if I have 100 times the entry.

This may change. Pokerstars has modified a lot of it's little tourneys so that they're now a 20% payout instead of a 10 percent payout -

I'm not sure if I'm cool with that..

HOWEVER, there is a great article on PScrew about building a bankroll as a tourney player...I may go that route though it requires a lot of SNG play.

kicking it around....options are open...

I'm also feeling this "limitation" of tournament games only will hurt me. I can see myself with $100 at one site for Limit - $100 at another site for NL, and $100 at Pokerstars for tourneys...

So that's the plan right now - we'll see how it goes.

I'm also going to build up a $1000 Live Bankroll and see what my options are there...

Gotta stop just hitting the bank account whenever I need change and gotta stop hitting the BR when I need the cash - get my stuff even and options open -

(that's the third time I said that - OPTIONS ARE OPEN - lol



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