Wednesday, November 16, 2005

OK....let's discuss.

I've gotten about 240 TLB points this week on Pokerstars...that's the most I've gotten in a week all year - I dropped $100 doing it.

On one hand, I made some mistakes, on the other hand I'm making some good progress.

I've learned that raising is better then calling. I realized that my newfound aggression in betting doesn't work when I just check/call - only when I raise. I've learned the strength of continuation bets and I've gotten damn good at getting to the halfway mark with more then the average stack, and this without needing a lucky double up every time.

I'm still choking the 2nd hr - Tonight I had some bad results - I ran into AA a couple times, I had mine cracked.

I made one error that I'm just going over and over - it was the $11 MTT that I was 9th out of 242 (81 get paid) and I raise with AJ suited and get a LP caller.

Flop comes AT3 - all clubs, and I check and he bets enough to where if I call, I have to go all in. I put him on a weak A, so I call. It was weaker then AJ - AT - so he nailed the two pair on me. I'm still replaying that one, but I was 8 tabling at the time - LOL.

I feel like I'm definately getting the rhythm of the first hr. - I can usually carry it up another 30-50 minutes into the 2nd hr and then I feel like I'm losing ground. I can't get comfortable with certain positions and feeling like raising as freely with A9 when it's a larger percentage of my surviving stack.

So I'm getting there - and of course, these tourneys have little tricks - rule of advice- if you have some good hands, like AK, JJ, AA, AQ suited - try just pushing all in early on - you get so many calls that are just stupid it's incredible - people think you're trying to buy it all the time.

I've decided to start with a $300 investment and play the 1-3 tourneys till I get up to $1000, which would be a few final tables, but not out of the ordinary. I need a specific goal towards towards and specific targets to the next levels - this is a way to go. I've also got some other poker related money that comes in from time to time - that is discretionary for me, as far as I'm concerned.

So I'll keep this up till I'm sick of it and want limit games again - LOL. -


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