Sunday, November 13, 2005

You know, I'll always be blown away by music. How a signal sent thru our ears - the way music can impact so many other senses and work such pleasure in unfamiliar ways is astounding.

I've always known this, but I'm even more stunned by the music that's doing it to me the most lately - Classic Country - Crystal Gayle, Emmylou Harris, old Waylon, Willie, George Jones and Hank Williams and Sylvia and Ronnie Milsap and David Allen Coe.

These songs are childhood songs - I didn't like them them and they're not something I'd ever compose or enjoy, (well, the GOOD stuff, like Hank Williams, I wish I could compose and pull off for real) - but this is the stuff I heard.

And now - at 33, these songs from my childhood, my parent's record collection and what the radio played, these are some of my favorite songs right now, which goes totally against my normal musical tastes.

And to be able to pipe it in 24x7 on XM satellite Radio or Cable TV Music stations - to have the music you want when you want it....

SERIOUSLY - think for a moment - I didn't know who the Replacements or Soul Asylum were in Montana in 1990 - But now, I hear a song, I can google the lyrics to find an artist website where the song is and then I can buy the album online without having to find the special catalog or store that might have a copy we could order.

I can listen to ANY preprogrammed music genre on - and listen to streaming Irish music where I first heard Kate Rusby, who has become my most favorite artist - and I'd have NEVER heard her on the radio or anywhere a few years ago.

and I can scope the whole album via preview before I buy it - so I can decide if it's worth my dollars cause I will pay for the music - I want the artists to keep making it, but I'm not gonna buy a dog shit album for $12 and two good tracks.

For the lover of music, the 21st Century is our pinnicle - we have total manipulation of the recording process now - we can do ANYHTHG we can sonically image in the studio, within only the barest of limits. We can distribue to ANYONE who wants it with an internet connection, and ANYONE can get a copy if they want it. No secret stores, singles clubs like the Subpop label had, no major label even required to make a living if you're good enough and have the drive to do the business too.

Ladies and Gentleman. If you love music, there is simply no better time to be alive - this is our new frontier - everything afterwards is gonna be so out in left field or unexpected that it'll probably go new directions in our enjoyment. But for now, we have reached Shangrai-La.



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