Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Iggy posted about this guy - I like it - guy decides to play poker for a living but relocates to paradise in Thailand where it's cheaper and easier to live - can't fault a guy for that -

I'm gonna read thru it and if I like it, it goes on the special links list - for those of you who haven't noticed, that is not a comphrensive list, and if I don't like the blog, it doesn't go on the list - truth be told, it's really an online list of bookmarks for me -

and it needs editing - I guess we're never gonna see AsiaK. again - no idea where she went - hope she's well - Gamesgrid was non-responsive in my emails as to whether she had died or gotten ill, so I'll assume she's left us for deeper wells of intellect - so I guess I'll pull her link down and one or two of the others that didn't pan out and move on...


Wow - 180 player SNG's at Pokerstars - I'm SO there - they fill up fast too - A nice little tourney whenever I want, and not 9 players with only a $45 payout - we're talking 1K to the winner -

and they run 24x7 - as soon as they fill up - awesome..



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