Saturday, November 05, 2005

well, kinda hard to believe, but doing the math here, and tonight is the 60 day mark for no booze -

Of course, I've picked up ANOTHER bad habit in it's place, and my obsession over getting it legalized may be as bad as my obsession for Jessica Alba, but truth is, it's a pinprick vs. a bullet in comparision - I'm just a lot better off...

so fuck ya, whiskey


Holy fuck - I just busted out of a 9 player SNG the first hand -

got all in preflop first hand vs a manaic with AA to his 99 - flop came three clubs (fine - I have the A of clubs) and he rivers a three outer (one other club gives him a st8 flush) -

Man - that's a bad way to start the night - although to be honest, my 7th place finish today made sure I can play a few $11 games without any pressure - I brought in a few bucks - first final table in two months too - although it was just 130 players -


As I said, I'm gonna focus exclusively on tourneys and SNG's for the forseeable future - this is what I wanna play, really, so I better do it - I got time for one more before the shower and Applebee's too - LOL - another finish like that though, and pow, right in the kisser -


One more thing - I've requested to go to Vegas for the blogger's tourney - One more trip to Vegas this year - but I can't find the website or verification I'm in - I know it's at the Imperial Palace - I'll try googling it




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