Thursday, October 20, 2005

wrote a post on a $1000 bet that's going on on 2+2

someone wants to bet $1000 that Delay isn't convicted of the charges he's been given, and someone wants to take it - but here's why I tried to talk him out of it.


you shouldn't take this bet, stealyourface. Here's why.

let's say you are going to play at a private poker game. And when you get there you realize that there are several colluders/cheaters in the game working against you.

Your mentality right now seems to be is "well, let's play - I know they're lying and cheating bastards - let's see if my skill can take off the edge, because I AM better then them, after all, and I know what they're up to"

Your mentality should be "go to hell" and leave - when dealing with goddamn liars and cheats, the best thing one can do is tell them to go fuck themselves - not try to beat them at their rules.

The Republican party has been caught with it's dick in the horse's ass - and they'll be doing everything they can to make this disappear - if they can rig the 2000 elections, they can get Delay off one way or the other - as well as all the important figures in all this stuff (this is a terrible time to be middle-level staff at the Whitehouse - they're picking scapegoats by lottery to take the fall for the big honchos)

If they were real people, then maybe they'd be convicted, but this is the rich elitist part of society - they don't do time like the rest of us - whoever said money can't by happiness wasn't a Republican, or at least he didn't have a good lawyer. He certainly didn't have the cronies that millions of dollars can buy you to get off the hook. However, Delay does.

you're thinking that Justice will prevail and you'll win the bet - but the goddamn liars and cheats in the white house won't allow that to happen. Plain and simple

I'd just say fuck it, walk away, and rejoice at the 2006 midterms coming up - half these scandals will still be going on by then - LOL - it'll help out our party immensely.

One should never try to beat the liars and cheats at their own game - one should find a better game - plain and simple -



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