Monday, October 17, 2005

this is a problem -

I could be paranoid, but I believe my Plasma is beginning to retain some images from Xbox - I removed some gauges to give it a rest, but I think the phosphers may have gotten burned -

so now I have to try and take that back, meanwhile waiting for the elevator to get fixed - and I'll probably get the 15% restocking fee to grab something else -

I had the most god awful urge for a drink when I realized that - when I think about my whole life again I'm suddenly getting the urge to get fucked -

guess I'll just chill.

EDIT: - seems to have subsided with extra stuff on there - and the stuff does retain images for minutes -

I'll try not to be so paranoid - I've got 2 or 3 weeks still before I HAVE to make a decision.

Right now I'm playing 3 $5 tourneys on Party - it seems to be my lot to slum in LL tourneys till I get a big win - haven't really had one this year, which is heartbreaking.

On the other technological front, I am very very happy with the Dell 2001FP - as you can see it looks great.

Goddamn technology.



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