Saturday, October 08, 2005

haven't done a big post in a while....

well, some longtime readers may remember WT saying if he went without booze for a month, he'd buy his HDTV - well, I did, and I'm going to - probably the 55 inch Sony A20 LCD rear projection...woo hoo?

I'll see what my day looks like - the big thing today is surprisingly - staying awake - I've got a movie I REALLY HAVE to see tonight (Townes Van Zandt documentary) - and we start recording Sunday 9am, so I'll be up late and sleeping late or something - something's gonna be messed up, in any case...

I put $100 into Party of all places and I'm gonna probably take advantage of a deposit bonus and put some more in....maybe I can tolerate it a bit better - seems like there's donks everywhere....and I have $270 cash - I may use some of it to play in the Canterbury tournaments, but I think I'll sit this year's fall classic out -

90 minutes till I get to go home - good fun...


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