Sunday, October 02, 2005

you wanna know why I don't blog about poker anymore? - Because a poker blog of fucking bad beats is as entertaining as a blog of me whining about quitting drinking - LOL.

SNG today - raise to 200 with KK and some asshole comes over the top all in - I call and he's got measly QT off suit - flops one card that can make a st8 and he goes runner runner on the other two -

who wants to read a blog of that shit all day or me taking AK vs JJ and hitting a A4J flop? - that's not fucking entertainment.... - that's a fucking joke.


Just got back from a double feature featuring two Barbara Kopple feature documentaries on unions - Harlan County, USA and American Dream. The first was about Kentucky Coal Miners who were on strike in '76 - that strike ended and the company returned to the table when a scab killed some young guy with a shotgun blast to the face.

The 2nd one was about the Hormel strike of '86 in Austin, MN just south of me - that one didn't end so well - (a friend of mine from there said it essentially destroyed the town.) - but in between, you had Ronald Reagan kicking the balls of the Air Traffic Controllers and gutting the power of the unions....

Very troubling - esp. the 2nd one. The first one had guys with guns, but that 2nd one was a bit more civil. But it came down to a local union wanting one thing and the National Parent wanting something else - and in the end, a lot of good folks got shot in the foot.

I totally understand Solidarity. I totally understand the outrage - they get you to stay in town, raise families, buy houses, and then once you're in they say "whoops, we need to be competitive, even with $29 million in profits, so we're gonna stick it to you up the ass and cut your wages by 20% -

But at the same time, solidarity aside, if my union leaders are walking off a cliff, am I honor bound to walk off it too? - I have no easy answers to that one - I feel like doing some reading -

but definately, unions are great for the Blue Collar workers of America - too bad they've been gutted.



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