Wednesday, September 28, 2005

screen installed via DVI ports... my desktop picture of Kristen Davis looks strangely pixalated and does all my porn.... -

no biggie - :) - this is SWEETTTTTTT - the 2001FP - Now I can 1600x1200 and play 4 tables of poker with no eyestrain....

4 tables of play money games....

because my BR is gone AGAIN (in my defense - I donated $26 of it to Ed Miller's Bachelor Party in NYC) - LOL - and I can't replenish it till the first of the month because I spent the rest of the paycheck on the monitor.

meh.....this rocks - a can't wait to try some of the games with bigger graphics...

from where I sit, there now appears to be more black space on the blog page (on either side) then blog - heh.



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