Friday, September 23, 2005

I read somewhere once that every person is either a NYC person or an L.A. person - one of those two metro areas inevitably is much more favorable to a person then another, on average.

I am most definately a NYC person, but I've decided to not go to Ed Miller's bachelor party in NYC, though I can see myself coughing up 25 bucks to help out TT - I still owe him one for ruining his party in Atlantic City...LOL -

thought about it though - $700 - tempting - but I could do Vegas for $500 and probably make money in the process - LOL - so I'll just...let it go for now...maybe go back to Vegas soon.

this is my one year anniversary with my company...I have only invested in my 401K for two months, but both times it was a losing month - though last month was only about 1 percent - ach...

I wish I could focus more on poker again - but it's not there - whether I'm burned out or just too damned tired of trying to be a winning player, it's not happening for me emotionally - best thing to do is just hold tight and wait for the sky to clear again...



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