Thursday, September 22, 2005

won 10 bucks playing NL today - about ready to quit 20 down when I get KT hearts on a J84 board with two hearts and I push and get called by AJ

thank god for the heart draw - LOL - doubleup when I needed it...

well, since Asia_K seems to have gone missing, it is my job to dump the poker business gossip into the poker blogsphere - (hope she's ok - she would have liked the Japanese Samurai film festival at our local indie theater the last 3 weeks - Thurs/Fri are the screen showings of Seven Samurai...)

Lakes Entertainment (WPT) suing the Travel Channel

upon reading this link two things come to mind...first one is Asia's Post on the buyout that never was...

I'm reminded of a situation - SCO Unix launced a few lawsuits a few years ago vs. various business partners who had worked on Linux - SCO claimed Linux borrowed their code, but they wouldn't say which - they made a bunch of noise about mandatory licensing and how they were gonna win, but they haven't disclosed shit from sherlock so far and in fact, they are pretty close to losing, I suspect.

Their stock was in the fucking toilet, but a few well timed lawsuits kicked it from $2 to $10 for a few weeks -

in retrospect, it APPEARS that SCO's strategy was flawed, and foolish from the start - Obviously the lawyers didn't care - they did the stupid shit like try to force IBM to show them WHERE the stolen code they say is stolen was (Like me trying to sue you to give me my missing car back when you don't know where it is) - I mean, as far as fucking morons with frivlous lawsuits go, - SCO has a pretty good lock on it..

so here we go - WPT says Travel Channel is ruining their chances for new business (a business that WAS in decline last I heard - or at least the growth had stopped) and they have a buyout that throws their name in the news and kicks the stock up, and now they have a lawsuit -

connection? - I can't say - but it's commonly believed now that all of SCO's tactics were to inflate stock prices for stock holders to sell at a higher profit (remember, it practically quintrupled - I wanna say it went from 2 to 10 - of course it was once higher - LOL)

Lakes Entertainment has had a LOT of financial issues this year - restatements, restructuring - (look at the financial link for the company in the article) - it sorta makes you wonder if this is all about propping up stock prices for a fast run...



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