Sunday, September 18, 2005

Well, I'm home - sitting in the recliner, taking my advice from the previous post and listening to Miles Davis - just a red and blue light on, smoking the good shit, and relaxing. I have a strong feeling of being home that I never had before - like it's the most comfortable place with the best music and I wouldn't change a thing about it.

WCOOP Event 15 - the "big one" is playing - 6 hrs in and still 4 players from the money - then the 135 - looked up friends I knew and saw their names and bustouts in 800th place -

Sort of an Auld Lang Syne with it all together - I really thought this was the year I'd have the skill and the bankroll to play a few satellites/games - I didn't play one this year - came close with one satellite - but didn't have the bankroll, due either to poor bankroll management or bad play - either way it was my fault.

Another year of not being good enough -

On the other hand, I did play my first ever Microsoft X-Box. Kinda cool, I will admit. - but now I'm home - time for one of my old fav's (before drinking took over my Sunday nights) - the Sunday night $20 at 11pm on Pokerstars...

If I get done early I can watch the WCOOP final table and see how real poker players play.

But I gotta admit, sitting here, thinking - this is so cool - 986 of us are from all around the world, meeting at a virtual space to play a game of poker.

I try to imagine what it looks like where they're at...maybe it's a techno paradise with 4 monitors - maybe it's a mother with a laptop in bed - maybe it's a homeless man in an internet cafe -

Mostly the US tonight - Vernon, Cincinatti, Lancaster - maybe that guy with the mug on his avatar was a steelworker who lost his job in the 80's and retired only recently after having to become a paper pusher.

Someone with Buxom in their name is shouting WTF and loud stuff about bad beats - avatar is a stack of chips from a WSOP shot...I suspect that person is a prostitute somewhere.

all over the world - the mysteries and community of the internet tournament...

which I cannot explore, BTW, since I keep getting fucking 10-4 offsuit.



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