Monday, September 12, 2005

I'm bored - therefore I must pour out my soul - the world must pay the price - but fuck it - I don't like you guys anyways....LOL -

Apparently I can say the world - I checked my sitemeter stats, which I usually don't do, and I've got visits from England, Canada, India - some are probably search bots or redirects or reprints of a blog - but who cares - I don't - but hey - thanks for checking in :)

well, I reversed some of the tourney losses by playing NL - I also got my buyin fees back with my bonus I'm earning, so I'm only down about 40 bucks now for the night - LOL

had some incredible shitty luck in the tourneys - I distinctly recall 6 seperate AK vs pocket pair coinflips where I was one or the other - I also remember winning only one of them.

On the other hand, in NL I flopped some monsters and got paid off a decent chunk - $50 for 90 minutes in a .50/1 NL game ain't bad - I was up a bit higher but got trapped on an A10 vs AK hand with an A2347 board.

listening to Early Cajun Recordings right now - - about 6:20 it'll be sunny enough to go for a quick lap around Lake Calhoun, then I'll probably walk to breakfast (hell, it's lunch, really) - at the Calhoun Grill - then killing time - about 10am, I'll go get my right taillight, get it replaced, and try like hell to not crack another one -

Definately trying to kill boredom without alcohol - if I WANTED, I could get stoned - and someday, I might - (it has been highly recommended to me by friends/family who quit drinking) - but I guess for now I'm just gonna go with boredom - one thing about that shit I hate - It kills my memory, esp. short term, and I hate that cause I"m so good at remembering things (never really blacked out while drinking)

so for me to be there, stoned, flipping thru channels on a commercial, and to then not remember what I was watching while surfing during the commercial - that bugs me...LOL -

Speaking of TV - in an attempt to fill my useless hours with some mindless entertainment, I added HBO/Cinemax/Stars and the On Demand stations where I can pull up free movies to my system - it ended up only really being $11 more bucks for what I was doing vs. the "Every movie but porn" package - so that's cool. I won't pay for porn - not only is it a waste (I only need an erotic image, for oh, 60 seconds to do the deed) - but I have a computer - so why bother... - LOL

you didn't need to know that, did you - told you I was bored...

Met a girl at a work party 3 weeks ago - (one where a departing coworker asked at least TWO of us out on dates - no thanks) - and apparently, she was flirting with a guy a bit younger then her (23 vs. 35) and that didn't go so well, so she asked our mutual acquaintence for my number, and I may be hearing from her - but she likes hip-hop, dancing, and her biological clock is ticking - LOL - scary - but now that I'm 33 it ain't so bad - she was different though - very outgoing, let's just say.

So there's that - band practice, and then at 9:40pm this evening, a samurai film at the Oak Street Theater - anyone who knows this place knows I LOVE old Japanese Samurai films, and I've never seen this one - there's a large body of very good work out there that's not Akira Kurosawa and I'd like to see some more of it - (sorry, Asia)

another non-sequitir - Asia_K - you've gone missing - where are you? - We miss you.... - hope she didn't go to New Orleans last week...crud...

So my day/night is all planned out and great, right? - One problemo - I woke up at 9pm this evening... - SO - what that means is this...I have to find time to sleep and I don't know if I'm gonna get a chance - I can't sleep - I may be up 25 hrs. before the end of the day...

ah well - shit happens -

gonna play NL for 30 more minutes then take my walk - later -



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