Friday, September 09, 2005

I won't dump any more misery in here tonight -

seems like everyone I know is on the outs - got a friend living in a van the last couple months estranged from his wife, got another soon to be divorcee who is trying to drink me under the table -

I got my own problems and a resolve to try to solve them before year's end - and my brother can't work cause his back is thrown out...

and there's possibly 10000 dead in that cesspool we now call Lake George (what they call the flooded part of New Orleans) -

nah, everyone has enough of their own problems - but I will relate one cool thing -

I'm up to 3500 posts on 2+2, and Dynasty monkeyed with my title a while back and asked if I wanted to change it to something -

I thought of Kate - so now instead of pooh-bah or carpel-tunnel, I am "Sleepless Sailor" -

that's appropriate -



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