Saturday, September 03, 2005

it's quiet at work - quieter then usual (end of month+holiday) - so I can dump some stuff down - not really an uber-post, per se, but some stuff to throw around... random ruminations


about 24 hrs ago, I posted this post on 2+2 looking for advice on home buying - it's time to focus on home buying - start looking at seriously -

I think I'm gonna go commando, er condo - (hate going commando and I hate boxers - don't like stuff flopping around down there) - and see what my options are where I live close to Calhoun - due to my salary being pretty decent and virtually no ongoing expenses, I can get one hell of a loan - I also have this advantage of working for a financial company, and we tend to not have to pay certain fees/percentages due to our close association with the company ;) - I may hit that on Tuesday - there's an office 2 miles from the apt. BUT the joke is of course that I thought I'd need a realtor and then a lender, and the opposite is true, of course - LOL -


As a poker player, I am a failure - plain and simple - I am currently down $2700 for the year. Some of that is entertainment value - I didn't have to sign up for the $540 tourneys when I could play 50 $10 SNG's with it...but I did. My overall failures amount to approx $4/hr - that's what I've roughly lost - really, it's more like 1/2 BB/hr, which is where I'm usually at.

My sole focus for the next 4 months pokerwise will be wiping out this debt - there are starting to post some good stuff in the Small Stakes NL forum - I don't have the patience to wait for big tourney wins, so it's shorter bites of NL and limit - I don't know where to deposit, but my gut instinct says either go back to Gamesgrid (unsure) or Pokerstars - I don't want Party - (if for no other reason then higher rake and the worseness of the players results in more variance) - I used to love Full Tilt and their games - maybe I'll go back - just drop 200 into Doyle's and Full Tilt - I dunno yet.

I'm not really sure what to say on Limit - played a few hrs of it in the last couple months, and got my ass kicked - my game has holes and I'm too close or too blind to spot them - I can play a tourney just fine, and my NL/SNG stats are cool, but I'm just dying with the limit game - the key to this whole kitten kabodloo - everytime I try to read a book (Luv2DriveTT has recommended How's your Limit Hold Em and I've had it for a month and haven't gotten thru it yet) - I lose focus and don't get back to it -

I can't really focus on anything poker study related - how many times have I tried to start Theory of Poker or Small Stakes for advanced players and quit half way thru? - HEY, how about that goddamn Harrington on Holdem, Vol 2? - ain't even started it -


and what forum have I been burning up on 2+2? - the Politics forum - terrible place to be - worst collection of ignorance on the site - but what can ya do... - I enjoy reading the "Let New Orleans suffer" posts - apparently someone Republicans forgot that part in the Constitution about providing for the common welfare and defending citizens against threats, including natural disasters - ah well - Let's say fuck it, burn down the goddamn city, and watch people bitch as one of the largest ports in the United States goes down the drain and raises their prices. - fucking morons -


Kate Rusby has a new album out - The Girl who Couldn't fly - I'm thinking I might just import it instead of waiting till Dec. - I HATE waiting for Kate Rusby - LOL - I'd have paid for a download of the new album but it's not available on the site yet - not even sample tracks, damnit -

I like this picture of her - she always has this sort of multicolored hair - LOL - if that were a color picture, you'd see little streaks of pink in blue in there too -

It's interesting - when I was younger, there was music that sorta served as a soundtrack of my life, and esp. artists - right now, for the last yr, during these darker times, it's been Kate Rusby - years ago, it was Neil Young, and before that, it was Paul Simon - but I have learned one thing over the years, lyrics without the music are nothing - I used to get all enraptured in lyrics, but Bob Dylan's early stuff does nothing for me really (as do a lot of his compositions) - Instead these days I'm floating around -

I wish I could blog songs for you to download (since the chances of anyone purchasing any of the music I recommend are nonexistant - LOL) - but I can't - not without violating copyright law - ah well - more for me, I guess.

sing hi lo lay at the end of the day.



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