Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'd like to take a moment to discuss a topic which many guys have wondered about and of course, since the answers to all questions can be found here....(in the middle of a $10 tourney's first hr) - I figure I'd put it out there...

regarding the words "I Love You"

as I have learned from personal experience and from my good friend, Brooks (who goes on a 3 min. rant in his concerts) -

the WORST thing you (meaning the guy) can do is be the first to say the L word first....

cause that automatically implys that you love them more then they love you, and that will make them uncomfortable, and they will end it with you....

that is the Woman's turf - she gets to be the first to throw it out there - never take that from her....(they assume they love you more then them vice versa off the bat, so it doesn't bring up any bad connotations)

so never EVER EVER be the first to say I Love you -

worst idea ever - like slowplaying with A's - you're just asking to be busted...



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