Monday, August 29, 2005


something unusual is happening - something odd and abnormal -

I feel good -

we had a good practice and worked on my new song - Vacation - it came together really well - like as good as I thought it would, which isn't normal for me or for us after one practice -

you guys would like it - but you know - copyright stealers everywhere - I print it, someone will steal it - but I promise when we get the album started I'll post links to it - LOL - or something - album recording is about three weeks away, I'd say...

another big pump up to Battlestar Galactica - which may be the best sci-fi series around right now - just incredible writing and stories - and man, is Starbuck HOT in that strange way that a tomboy can be - jesus she's something else...

and that is all for now - sorry - haven't been playing poker - I need a break or a change or just some time - I saw Dewey Tomko use a strategy I've been crafting in my head for a long time - (how to get the two overcards to lay down to 22 - all in preflop don't work - ) - so I'll mess with that later -

it's unreal how good I feel - wow.....wonder how long it will last -



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