Wednesday, September 28, 2005

odd...I only seem to be happy outside on rainy days - seriously....LOL - I don't know if my blood ever cooled enough to tolerate the hot outside....

I'm sitting outside right now....god bless wireless - 8:45am - rainy and I'm on a third floor balcony with screens in front of it - the world is moving - getting ready to do what it does in it's bland ol' conformist way....

Me, I'm staying up so I can get my Dell 2001FP monitor out of the office when it opens at 9am - LOL - I ordered one -

I've been buying myself a few toys lately - I remember saying in June that I was gonna take a month off from drinking and reward myself with a big screen TV - I never did that - but this will be 3 weeks - so maybe in a couple -

I have certainly did what I could do to fill the time - X-box - new computer monitor - recliner (ok, that's old, but I'm sitting my ass in it a lot more) -

tonight will be interesting - I'll get up at 6pm, vacumn and clean (which is what I did tonight for half the night) and I'll get showered at 7pm and about 8 or so go down to the Terminal Bar where I'll do 3 songs on an open stage - maybe I'll run into a girl who has come back here with me once or twice - (I'm hoping a newly cleaned apt. with scented candles does it)- but otherwise, it's clean for the TV in two weeks - LOL -

but that was the last place I got drunk - two days after my birthday - did some dumb stuff and got lucky - and since then I haven't been tempted - but of course I have other ways to zone out....

but none that leave me feeling sick - or bloated face - or kill my liver, or generally do anything determental to my health like whiskey does....

wonder if I'll miss it real bad tonight....I might - but ya know...I have to be able to walk in and out of places where I play music - otherwise I'll shrivel and die -

I watched the Bob Dylan documentary last night - and one thing that was interesting to me and what he did sometimes and what I've been doing without knowing it is borrowing more stuff from prose or posts for song lyrics - at my heart, I'm a writer - I have been for a long time and will be - It's been in different forms - the two most prominent being this blog and the songs I write -

The fact the blog no longer focuses exclusively on poker is good, I think - though that was it's primary purpose....(hell, it was just OIC coverage 2 yrs ago...) - but that doesn't bother me...I am a writer....end of story - not paid to do it (I was once and selling CD's doesn't count) - but I am what I want to be - even if I work a part time job on the side - LOL.

By the time I read the new edit of this post, it SHOULD be on a 21 inch LCD Monitor - I'm psyched - I've been 19 inches and using CRT for the last 4 years -



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