Tuesday, May 31, 2005

wonder what the odds are of me taking a month off from drinking a weekend before the Vegas get together....

they incremented in a major way after I bought a bottle of Jameson on Memorial Day.

so I'm gonna shoot for a month - see if I can do it, and in the end, buy my bigass TV as my reward.

this is unrelated, but I was slightly inebrated at Canterbury on Mon. when I raised with AJ and got called by one guy and the BB -

flop comes A45 and I joke to the one guy that the BB has 2/3 offsuit and we're screwed -

get to the river, and the fucker DID have it - I mucked my cards so hard one flew off the table and I got a talking to from Carlos

then seat 7 is like "well, you put me on the hand and you still called" - I wanted to just cut loose with a stream of obscenities like "well, yah, I joked about it, but didn't think you were such a stupid fucking moron that you'd actually call a raise with it - LOL" -

stupid fucking moron. Stupid fat fucking moron.



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