Saturday, May 21, 2005

another day, another bubble (63 pays, made it to 69)

but this time was different - this time when I had to make a decision, I said "knowing that you're going to finish in the top 12-14 percent, how would you play this differently" -

this time, instead of laying down/calling more with A10, I raised - knowing that I was gonna bust out of the money anyways, and I won more then I lost with it

This time, I didn't get action on my big hands, but got more smaller ones

I also lost no less then 3-4 showdowns in which I was the fav. - when I had a shot at a very crucial doubleup near the end, I had to chop to an extremely dominated hand (QJ vs Q5)

in short, I received absolutely no lucky breaks or big payoff hands whatsoever, and still made it to the bubble - imagine if I had beat a couple of those lucky pricks or gotten ANY action on my AA/JJ.

I used to say that to win, you must last long enough to get lucky - that was a philosophy I read in TJ's/Mcevoy's book.

But now I'm thinking differently then I used to - I think you need to get enough chips to survive the times you get UNLUCKY - took a while to get that beat into me, but I'm starting to feel it

I think I will soon have better results in tourneys then I have had lately.



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