Tuesday, May 17, 2005

man....this week is a bust.

Haven't done laundry, haven't upgraded the PC - lied around all afternoon and napped cause I didn't feel like getting up and doing anything...feel like bailing on the home poker game I have coming up at 2am - stuff like that...did make my first lap around Lake Calhoun on Sun. morning at 7am when the world was out like a light - I like that - in the summer time you can't throw a brick in any direction without it bouncing off 4 sports bras, but at 6am, the lake is pretty much just all mine.

went out with a friend who's going to Vietnam for three weeks - got drunk, went to the store to get food, and I bought a plant. I MUST be lonely, fuck - poor bastard is a dead plant and he doesn't even know it - I can't grow shit for beans - maybe weeds....that's about it

the online poker world has a new playa to hate -Antonio Esfandiari - he's been catching shit for the article he wrote about going out and clubbing - but I don't see what the problem is - sheeeit - we all wanna go out late at night, get in the VIP room, meet up with the party girls in the tight pink or black dresses with no panty lines, and tell the day job to go to hell - why they're pissed at him for wanting to do it is well, obvious - been catching a lot of hell on 2+2 about it and even Paul Phillips joked in his blog that he wasnt' "that cool" and needed to tone it down - (that from Antonio's website, which is also over the top in many ways)

I do like one line from that article - he credits to Mr. Vorhaus - "You're born broke, you die broke, everything else is just fluctuation"

but he ain't Phil Hellmuth - not even close

there is a bad vibe in the world this week, a week where the juju, mojo, and grace of God were not sufficient to hold back the powers of darkness from killing 15 people over false reports of US soldiers flushing the Koran down the toilet during interrogation, or to prevent a guy from killing a family and kidnapping two kids - I'm attempting to counteract it's effects by sitting on my balcony in my soft chair while typing/playing an online tourney in the cool evening - got up to 60 today so it's almost bearable.

A week where I couldn't motivate myself to do shit except clean up loose ends and burn trash in the fireplace instead of just putting it on a bag and carrying it out

a week where I kept remembering Jesus say "blessed are the peacemakers" and I kept wondering where the fuck they were - cause they aren't in his church or those who claim to speak in his name.

bad juju this week - bad juju.



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