Monday, May 16, 2005

jesus...what did I drink...

In my last 10 sit and go's (most of which were 18 person, though one was a 27 person one) I placed 1st or 2nd 4 times -

placed in a satellite -

not stellar - but when I die, it's usually with a 50/50 tossup or they come from behind, it's not like I can't tell when I'm beaten and let it go -

ever since leaving Laughlin, I seem to have gotten better at poker....LOL

tell you what though...I'm dropping Party poker...a man can always push with AK vs a chump who calls with K7, but you can't stop the little prick from hitting, and I'm getting tired of little pricks, so I'm outta there....

I shall play no more on Party Poker forever...(and if it's not for the lucky little pricks, it's for all the pussy data mining assholes who think winning at poker is all about playerview/pokertracker - little dickwads...



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