Friday, May 06, 2005

well, the tkt's have been purchased and the car has been rented...

on advice from my attorney, I've decided to visit Laughlin and raid those cheapass juiced tourneys that Felicia has recommended to me -

and to go visit Felicia - still gotta fly into Vegas and rent a car and drive to Laughlin - (I hate driving in unfamiliar cities) but I'll figure it out as I go, I guess. It'll just be 3 days, but I didn't see her last time due to the cancer diag/effects, so I can finally watch her play a tourney in action.

and I'll swing thru Wynn on Tuesday just so I can play there before leaving - before driving to the airport, ditching the rental, and getting back to business.

so tomorrow is packin' day - AGAIN - jeez. - but this time it's more for personal reasons - if she was gonna be gone, I wouldn't go, to be honest - I'd blow $800 building a new computer - instead, I'm now gonna blow it on totally different evildeeds - LOL


ah yes....screw the OIC and that LL 50 cent stuff - I'm back on 2/4 clearing a bonus on Pokerstars for a $600 deposit -

problem is I only have $150 - Heh - $450 got transferred right out.

For reasons which are based in my failure to invest in the Fossilman backing deal 3 yrs ago (which netted the investors 40-50K each for a miniscule investment, I heard) - I have decided to back a nice kid I know, Gavin Griffin in the next WSOP -

Gavin won a WSOP event last yr - the PL one for $270000 - I've alluded to comments made over his ex-gf in the last yr - and for $450 I have invested a half percent in his results in approx. 25 tourneys during the WSOP, including the main event -

his one win last yr. woulda tripled said investment, and he had a hell of a run on Pokerstars, and quite frankly, I'm not gonna make it AGAIN this yr. for this tourney.

so what do I do? - I send my pinch hitter in - good luck Gavin - my attorneys will be in contact with you if u lose.



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