Monday, May 02, 2005

for reasons known only to God and country....

I have decided to try another round of the Open Internet Challenge -

The Challenge is simple - put $50 into a poker account and play at.50/$1 poker (it used to be $40, but I make it 50 to give me a bit of a smaller jump that first level and cause no online site will let you less then $50

as your bankroll increases you move up as follows

$50 - .5/$1
$80 - $1/$2
$160 - $2/$4
$240 - $3/$6
$400 - $5/$10
$800 - $10/$20
$1600 - $15/$30 - (should be 20/40 but Party doesn't have that game)

and at $2000, you win - cashout, rinse, repeat.

I've tried this a number of times - got close twice - but never succeeded -

there are certain tactics one must take into consideration - for one, bankroll variance MUST be reduced as if you were playing a tourney - be a little less bold about betting your draws - doesn't mean you don't play them....I just wouldn't bet them as much.

You obviously seek higher pot games - and one with a moron is preferable - and I personally play only one game at a time when doing it - I like to concentrate on the players to extract maximum profit and then move on.

can't afford to tilt, and if you lose more then a level or two, it's best to go back down to it and start again - but that just depends -

my limit game is better then it was last time, so this shouldn't be the worst thing - but I hate the raggidy shit that people play at .50/$1 - LOL

gives my brain something to do - I like goal based competitions -



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