Thursday, April 14, 2005

I'm not gonna post anymore Vegas trip reports - just not worth retyping and reprinting when most folks go to the 2+2 list can read parts 1-3 here if you wish -

I did the damaging math. I'm gonna estimate I lost 300 in tourneys, 200 in NL, and won 250 in Limit games - I think it was a bit higher in limit games, but I didn't track every single buck tip (probably close to 40 bucks with all the drinks - alcohol or otherwise that I got. I'm not counting money spent on other extra activities like real gambling/hookers/drugs - that would increase the tally even higher....LOL - I did count $40 in transportation costs and $25 for food. (I seriously raided the comps at the Mirage and Imperial Palace where I had $23 from the last trip)

And in tourneys, I made one final table, but no money....ah well - no one can bat 1000 all the time. Most of my NL losses were cemented when I nailed a nut flush on the turn to a guy with trips and he boated up on the river. (In fact, that happened to me twice, but the 2nd time, one other guy also made quads....argggh, but it was less costly in a 4/8 game) - I will say I did like the Aladdin structure a LOT better then what IP had to offer - Slower - a bit more time to breathe -

And I took some hideous beats in the Mirage and still came out ahead - Lots of times I'd have the best hand most of the way and lose to that last card, but it sorta worked out anyways. I made some money - I'm happy with that part of the game. (and I've been working on it more then tourneys lately anyways)- starting to think that's where the money is.

speaking of limit games, I gotta gripe for a bit. I bought pokertracker to track my stats. Fine...super. But what's going on now with Playerview/Pokertracker isn't poker to me. Playing 8 tables and having a computer give you real time stats on the players isn't poker to me. You'll never beat a live game this way without improving your observational skills, and you'll never be anything but a hold-em Party Poker one trick pony if that's how you have learned to play.

I want to start a new profile on Party or an affilate, and just start over and not let anyone know Whiskeytown, but I think if I'm gonna start building a BR, I'm better off at UB or Paradise or Doyle's room - but not at Party Poker - they can't control the 3rd party tools being used, they can barely control the bots, and just not worth my effort.

Anyways, my next major poker trip (which I have to schedule with the airlines) is NYC in July - heard it's hotter then hell, but eh, what can you do.

and as supsected, yes, I dropped 5 pounds in Vegas. I'd say it might have averaged me about $100 a pound....LOL - I think just not eating is cheaper. Still I did better this trip then I did the previous one, thanks to staying out of the $540 tourneys.

allrighty...I gotta find out how to trim a beard....Later



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