Monday, April 11, 2005

heh heh....

my blog is blocked by an adult website finder....puresight - hilarious.

I have no idea if this is my first night/morning in Vegas or friggen clue what to call it - as planned, I flew in at 11pm and stayed up real late (as I would have done anyways on my graveyard shift) but I was in hideous shape by 2pm (23 hrs by MN time) - I had drank quite a few shots at MGM (including one the waitress cooked up for me that had about 4 times the normal shots in it - good god, I think she's either trying to seduce me or kill me) - Only thing that saved me from a massive hangover is that I stopped at 9am and was still up for a few more hrs...

Hangovers are primarily the effects of alcohol and a lack of decent sleep. If you can outlast the booze, the sleep gets more peaceful and a lot more tolerable. I got lucky...I dunno - dinking around - living it large in Vegas...I dunno - but tonight I behaved.

At first, I was really, REALLY screwed - dropped $450 in 1/2 NL and tourneys and stuff that first night at MGM and the Imperial Palace till I went to sleep at 3pm. 4 hrs later, I woke up and at 8pm I hooked up with Al Capone Jr. and his gf at the MGM - took $100 from the 4/8 game and Al did at least as well...not bad. He had to go to work though and I wanted to monorail over to IP for food and then hit the Mirage so I left at midnight.

But then I went to Mirage and the 6/12 game, and turned $200 into $540 - so I'm VIRTUALLY even again - probably will hit the Aladdin tomorrow on Al's recommendation of the tourney.

Very strange - leaving the Mirage and walking the strip at 4:30AM -this thing I'm so used to seeing packed full is nearly dead. Floor polishers EVERYWHERE - and while the city technically never sleeps, it does close it's eyes for a bit at 4:30am

There was a very drunk strange old black man at Mirage - he sat around for a couple hrs, got a free drink or two, and is apparently waiting for the sandwiches - but at 5 handed, it was apparent all the easy fish were cleaned, so I took my leave and am now seeking fortune elsewhere, and perhaps a nap...I dunno -

I can never tell if women who smile at me at 4:30am in the Imperial Palace are hookers or not....most of them ARE pretty nasty....ach. - better forget that crap fast - I just got my dough back...LOL

More as it comes - I have almost 36 hrs still to go - LOL



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