Friday, April 22, 2005

caught up on the site on the WPT - sitting there reading their (and Wil Wheaton's) trip reports makes me homesick for poker and poker tournaments (is that possible? - is it pokersick?) -

So help me God, if I get done with this vacation I'm gonna play video games for two weeks straight - 20 poker tourneys - 6/12 Yellow Chip down at Canterbury - I feel like I'm in prison right now.

Nephews are still great though (and my whole bro's family) - just some of the other drama I could do without - I wanna go back to my favorite watering hole and be rejected by beautiful women again - LOL - I am starting to think family should be visited for only 3 day blips - hard to say. - Love em, but couldn't live next to them -

getting thru Harrington on Holdem though - good stuff - gotta get that read and done -



At 12:28 AM, Anonymous bentlyman said...


Don't mean to freak you out, but I read your site from time to time and find you to be an amazing person. Seems like you're fighting something heavy though, brother.

Hopefully, I can help you. Just for fun try any or all of these...

1. read Illusions by Richard Bach. Its a very easy read and was helpful for me in a time of trouble.

2. Buy a Bob Marley album and listen to the whole thing once. %%%key--do not smoke marijuana%%%.

3. only drink in moderation. key word--moderation.

Remember there a great amount of people out in the world that care for good people.

Good fortune to you and may you house prosper...

Bentlyman :0)

At 6:49 PM, Blogger whiskeytown said...

anyone who's known me for over a yr (Felicia, for example) can give you a big thumbs up over my condition a yr. or two ago -

I even miss home now....drat - (just flew back in) - but what can ya do....can't live in the middle of Montana unless I was a pro poker player, and I doubt I'd want to do it even then....



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