Thursday, April 28, 2005

ah mercy me....I should be doing this blogging at work, but lately coworkers have gotten prone to just coming up behind me or turning around to see what I'm writing.....besides - lately I've been too busy doing work stuff - LOL

Got a note or two asking where I've been and why I don't log on to MSN anymore. Three reasons of late

1. - Just the plain ol' "Haven't been around" syndrome - been out of town for 3 of my last 4 weekends.

2. - the WIN98 box is showing serious signs of instability - I get in the habit of killing all unnecessary programs when that happens.

3. - When playing full screen video games, and someone logs on, that popup disrupts the game and sometimes causes it to crash - LOL

I'm debating taking paycheck money I haven't used to pay off credit card debt and using it to buy a good computer from Nanosystems - a gaming one with a P4 3gig chip and great soundcard - I'd keep this one for menial tasks (hosting mp3 collection, getting up to 20 gig...) - and maybe some other stuff, but I'd use the new one for the fun stuff like 50 FPS games and a real CPU that'll play Party Poker without crashing every time I open up 2 windows - so it's in the works

Ah hell, I'll probably use it to pay the CC. - I can suck another month out of this whore - also liberated a couple PC's from dumpster ville in the Apt. complex - I'd like to put together a TIVO like machine and one for MAME arcade emulation and I'm too lazy to actually buy PC's for the purpose - LOL

In poker land, I've finished 10th in 2 of my last three tourneys, and neither paid - one was a final table, one was a bubble for the final table - there is a high probability I will strangle someone soon over said events, esp. if I bang my head on something again (which I've also done twice recently)

on non-poker fronts, a couple inneresting things - Bruce Springsteen's new album (more Nebraska/Tom Joad stuff for the most part with some more rockin) is out - decent - I have also been reading Bob Dylan's Chronicles, and read one line about him talking about Sam Cooke's "A Change is gonna come"

it's astonishing - I go into the uptown bar and I can't remember the bartender's name or the waitress or her friend, though I've met them 20 times. I met a girl at a bar one night and turned her totally off by forgetting her bar name - LOL - her BAR name, not even the real one

but what scares me the most is reading that line, thinking "Change is gonna come" - and remembering the line from the movie Malcolm X - and remembering the song as playing during the scene where Malcolm goes to the ballroom where he was shot, and the vibe and thinking, "yah, I really liked that song" - and it wasn't on any soundtrack for that album

and then putting two and two together across the void and remembering who wrote it and what it was, and then coming home and finding it on Kazza - sometimes I scare myself with the music stuff I remember. Worse then that guy from High Fidelity.

But then I scare myself in other ways too - I still remember my ex-gf's cell number from 3 yrs ago....(only 4 digits off from another friend's number) - so some shit never goes away.

I may still postpone big poker for a week or two - the apt. is a mess, and I have no functional chair that I am comfortable with, and just general websurfing crap I haven't done for 3 weeks - plus I've only got $44 in a poker bankroll right now online and cashed the live one in when I went to Montana, so I gotta get that rebuilt. Maybe with SNG's

Gavin (WSOP2005 or 2005 as you know him from 2+2) is very close to making the TLB on Pokerstars this week - some great finishes in rebuy tourneys, lots of firsts, and still a few days to go to get the last 300 - gl, man. is cooked - later



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