Thursday, May 05, 2005

ah it's only $193 to fly to Vegas for 3 days - why do I do this to myself....LOL

I don't know why I do this to myself - I must be really bored with Minneapolis - of course, last week, I bought a recliner and watched DVD's non-stop - not exactly a stellar course of action.

Of course, if I had a honey back here in Minneapolis, I'd be taking her with me...- on second thought, no, I'd just not be going - and if I were dead broke like other people I know working two jobs or paying heavy medical, I wouldn't do it...

but I can do whatever I want whenever I want esp. on my days off. - the joys of being free and single, I guess.

I could really slum it this time - New Frontier for 45 bucks a night and walk over to the Wynn - THAT would rock - to see the new room and some of the Canterbury regular dealers who moved -

I'm probably just talking out of my ass - but what the heck - what else do I have going on, really - nothing of any real importance in this town - not right now and not at this time....I can postpone a trip - I even have time to withdraw a couple hundred for a BR - LOL -

Well, I think I have a day or two to think about it - it'd be same ol' same ol' - fly in Sun. morning, stay till Tues evening when I fly back out to a Wed. 5am arrival in Mpls - home to bed and back to work that evening - (adding the ol' violin lesson in there) -

otherwise, I'm probably gonna blow about $500 in computer parts....LOL - nah...more like 700 - If I'm gonna upgrade the PC, I'm gonna do it right...

and maybe if I concentrated on my best limit games I could make some nice ch-ching - given that I did great there last time at those games, it's probably worth an effort to stay away from craps/roulette and give it a shot...

ah well, give me a couple days to think about it -



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