Saturday, May 14, 2005

snagged another 100 bucks in 20 min. this morning when playing a quick NL session before bed. Got out an hr. early due to some extra training a couple weeks ago, so I probably made more money then if I had been working - LOL

I'm trying to remember why I don't usually play NL - I seem to have the patience for it, and the timing - I think I had set under set a couple times and dropped 100 bucks - that didn't help - LOL. - and it takes a hell of a lot of nerve -
and of course, a tourney is a lot more fun then a NL game

I always chicken out too - I double up and then I become scared money - I want to protect my dough - you can't be that way - but I feel better about my skill level in this game then most (hell, it earned me 10000 AP's and a copy of Doyle's book and $400 extra cash playing dime/quarter NL, so it can't be too bad for me

That hand at the Wynn was unnerving - so was this one - limp with KJ offsuit - get raised to a few more bucks, so I call -

Flop KQ9 - I bet, he raises double, so I call
Turn 10 - he checks, I overbet (50 bucks in the pot - drop 75 on him) and he calls with AA

Both times, I had the 2nd best hand - not the nuts - (37 made a st8 at the Wynn, and AJ made his hand here) - but what can you do...

I've also gotten really good at using the flop to manuiplate the turn - bet flush draws early to get free cards on turn/the free card C/R - if I see a flop and want to keep playing, I can usually do it cheaper by betting then by check calling - that's great that I can see those options fall together now -

and that was it - from $100 to $200 - just like that.

I certainly can't play it around here - (turtle lake is all) - so it's online or somewhere else. I was actually thinking of going to Turtle Lake, but I found out fishing season started 58 minutes ago which means northern roads are clogged for hell.

So I'm gonna go see a band with my friend Adam tomorrow, hopefully - we'll see how that goes -



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