Sunday, May 08, 2005

I'm whoring away the bonus I may have inadvertantly earned by depositing money for my investment in Gavin's WSOP run - only up about 12 bucks after 25% of play - ah well -

was doing great - then I ran into a guy who played 89% of all his hands, and had so many runner/runner prayers come thru that the table, rather then loosen to deal with the wildcat, tightened up out of, literally, fear of his luck.

One player noted that if he knew every hand he played would be delivered by 2-3 outers on the river and runner/runner hits, that he'd play every hand too - it was a fun table to be at - I barely got out of there with 1BB profit after 90 min.

ah well - here we go again - 30 min, I leave work - walk 3 block to the light rail - take the LR to the airport - go thru security, and gun it to America West flight where I will go to Vegas. This time though, I rent a car, get on a SW freeway, and check out Laughlin, NV for a couple days before going back to Vegas my last day to see the Wynn.

funny....all the traveling I've done as of late makes a 99 mile drive look trivial - roll into Palms - check out the room, MAYBE nap - and be ready for if Felicia/Glenn show up for these juiced tourneys I'm hearing about -

should be a good time - playing poker with friends instead of strangers from around the country - a nice way to wrap up the trilogy of Vegas Trips I plan on making before the New York trip in July.

just the same, I am starting to hate airplanes - I've had more room in a Volkswagon rabbit.



At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Proto said...

You need to fly first class!
Especially to and from Las Vegas!


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