Tuesday, May 17, 2005

ah - yes - I do love blogging in the recliner -

I think I have band practice, but if I don't hear from our drummer, it's postponed -

took a final table today on a small (155) player game - of course, it was 9th place - LOL - unusual for Pokerstars to have such a small field on it's tourneys - ran into AA at least twice - once was bad, but I had the chips to stay in it - 2nd time, KQ suited no good -

but I can't lie - I sucked out twice on a 3 outer - LOL - ah well -

I have been hot....seeing when I'm winning and when I'm losing and generally getting my money in with the best of it - lots of great results in SNG's - 5 1st/2nd place finishes in the last 11, and those were 18/27 player games, so a bit more dough in finishing in the top two - I think I have enough time for one more 9 player one before going to practice - LOL

edit - of course I'm out 7 minutes when my boat runs into quads - it was 4's, and I thought my opponent would have to be an extreme idiot to play a 4 in that spot, but NEVER underestimate the ability of someone to make a stupid call playing "sooted" cards



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