Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I'm gonna be in a world of hurt tomorrow at work - I've fallen into the "stay awake 8 hrs/sleep 4" pattern - I just woke up again from 6-9pm - but at least I'll be up till morning.

my last post for the night then I'm going to Canterbury.

I'm disgusted with online poker - not because of bad players, but because of the mentality of the poker players, and especially the 2+2'ers that now inhabit it.

To them, poker is about maximizing profit using Pokertracker/PlayerView and being bonus whores. They are unable to survive without technological aid and special giveaways. Starting hand selection is less important then raising. And it shows in the amounts they pay in the rake. Here's a little poker 101. It's a hell of a lot cheaper to win 5 big pots then 20-25 little ones. Those extra 15-20 pots each lose between 1-4 dollars in rake - and if you ain't dragging the pots, you ain't paying rake - simple as that.

I remember reading when when your goal was to get better, move up in limits, strive for 1.5 BB/hr, and becoming a world class pro. Now their goal is to maintain a high enough PFR/VIP percentage, keep seperate accounts with 4 party affilates, and milk 3/6 games all day all while trying not to lose your Empire account.

The best part is, these guys die when a decent bot. comes on the scene - they die like the plague - that gives me some joy, cause it WILL happen.

And their tactics don't work nearly as well in NL tourney play (which Pokertracker ain't that great on tracking and where variation in play is more valuable and practiced) - so I'll stick around for tourneys/SNG's.

But I think I'm done with limit ring games online - esp. when I have a nice fishing pond 20 min. away.

ok......time to go fishing.



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