Thursday, October 20, 2005

I am forced to accept the fact that I'm in love with a married woman. - One I've never met, BTW -

Kate Rusby's new album is coming out - I've heard a couple tracks - they seem to be a bit quieter - more sparse then the last couple recordings - that's my initial estimate -

It's not easy to hide when your heart's on full view

I like that verse. Apparently she wrote the song for a BBC cartoon about Jack Frost (a boy in the woods that freezes everything he touches)

I have things I wanna say, but we're busy - if we get a quiet streak I'll get something done in the next 12 hrs - otherwise afterwards...

Long story short- I have to bail on my Blogger Tourney entry - well, don't have to, but it's a choice between a friend and a poker tournament - the friend wins.



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