Tuesday, October 18, 2005

ok - some thoughts...let's blog a bit....


the Plasma TV isn't burning images in, it's just retaining them, so I'm gonna keep it - gotta buy a couple calibration CD's next week - get the colors and shit right.

I got my HDTV receiver today (rather the cable box - the TV is HDTV ready) - and it also has a DVR - I went thru and clicked on 4 programs that were recorded this morning or when I was sleeping earlier - I've waited for years to see Jefferson in Paris - and I was able to find it and record it - the quality wasn't too bad either for SD -


I'm currently watching Elvis Presley's Memphis - a Discovery HD presentation on Memphis and Elvis..and it's in HD except for the old parts which are plburry as hell - LOL -

Ok - here's the thing - I'm obsessed with this stuff - have been for years - wrote a song "Fall Into Memphis" about my obsession. It's about a girl who becomes obsessed with the music and Memphis and leaves me - but to be honest, it was about me leaving - I wanted to go and sit in the bars and listen to the blues every night. Later in life the dream would have me sitting on stage and sipping whiskey, but at first it was all about sucking in the legacy. Getting autographs from artists for their local tapes - knowing I'd probably never meet an authentic bluesman ever again.

It's the heart of the blues - it's the heart of rock and roll and it's incredible and historical - you expect to see a 50's greaser anywhere - - it's a world I would have liked to have lived in - I'd have like to have hung out with Johnny Cash and Elvis before they knew what big shit they were - just spinning records and sipping beer -

Everytime I hear a song with Memphis in it, I think back to my roadtrip - probably about 5 years ago now - Memphis TN -

If I could make a living online playing poker, I'd probably relocate there.


While we're on the subject - I've always liked Discovery Channel - but Discovery HDTV - oh yah - that just friggen rocks....I'll watch a special on the Tasmanian Tiger if I can watch it in HDTV -- bummer to see it became extinct as a direct result of extermination - ay carumba.


no luck in the three tourneys today - ah well - maybe I'll get one or two more in, or maybe I'll just play xbox -



At 7:29 AM, Blogger Vinny The Fish said...

QUOTE: but Discovery HDTV ...

It's guys like you that force me to go out and buy toy, aftertoy, after toy!

You're the man Whiskey! Enjoy your HDTV et. al!


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