Thursday, October 27, 2005

There's a great discussion on 2+2 right now on tournaments - I need to read this -

I also need to read more of exitonly's posts - he's a major contributor to the MTT forum and was TLB leader last month on Pokerstars - so he knows what he's doing -

I like one quote of his so far - people are commenting on how it's easier to play a short stack then a medium stack because medium stacks feel awkward to play if you raise and get action and his comment was this. - (summarized)

"If it feels like an awkward call or a pot-committed call just push all in anyways - it'll never be an -EV move with the amount of times you get called." - Interesting -

This is a big deal to me cause I'm so weak-tight I shoot myself in the foot so much and leave myself short stacked because I don't play enough.

I'm gonna throw myself at the mercy of the MTT forums.

EDIT: - I put this post in there just now -

I came to a shocking realization.

I think I check/call more often in MTT's then bet because I'm scared of bluffs, sure, but mostly I think I want to know how much that card is gonna cost me before I bet it.

If I act first, and I bet and he raises, the price of seeing the next card has gone up - and what if I don't want to pay it after my money is in there? - so I check and let him bet - and if the price is acceptable - I call. That makes me feel better -

but betting is +EV - check/calling is -EV - I KNOW this - but I get security the other way - and of course, it doesn't matter as much in limit tourneys, but esp. in NL - I think it's my biggest leak -



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