Thursday, October 27, 2005

I've made no secret of the fact that I'm a supporter of Full Tilt - I wrote a review on them last year at one point and my finishing in their HORSE tourney is one of my poker highlights -

So I have sorta gained a type of affilate/sponsor status with them - a nice link on the blog once in a while is good anyways - keeps us humble

Where else can you watch Clonie Gowan shoot down complete douchebags who have no idea how to talk to a woman at an online poker table? LOL - (those Texas women can take care of themselves)

It's interesting - I suggested that FT start HORSE tourneys after they started Razz, and they did - I then talked about how I liked playing their tourneys cause I got sick of 2000 player fields on other sites - and now other sites are offering limited entry tourneys to compensate - LOL - pretty damn cool -

but mostly I like the vibe/interface - and I enjoy playing with Seidel and Lederer - so rock on -


Also, for what it's worth - this will probably be the last update for a few days - I'm flying to Reno to hang out with my mom and her Husband in Carson City for a couple days (we only get to see each other once a year) - so when I get back I'll have a review of the Carson Valley Inn amongst other places -


I have swapped the plasma - I now have a 55 inch LCD Sony A20 TV - it's great and not so great.

pros - bigger - no screen burn-in (meaning I can use it for a computer monitor if I wish) - great for Xbox

cons - much harder to move - and nothing matches plasma clairity.

When I get older and richer, I must have two large screens - one plasma for HDTV, and one LCD for the computer stuff -



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