Monday, November 07, 2005

I have issues....

It's clear to me tonight that I have this unrelenting anger that just doesn't let go today - I'm trying to pin it down - it's that seething hatred that comes out in Everclear's "The Twistinside" -

I had a couple bad rundowns - but that happens - I haven't drank in two months, but I don't want to - I found out an ex-gf. is almost married, but that's good - I broke up with her - I haven't gotten stoned in two days, but if I'm gonna sing, I can't -


Gonna get a new tattoo, black inscription around my arm
like a life that is visible and real
I know, I know - stupid and immature -
just wanna give shape to the face twisting inside you and me...


Actually, I've had this anger before - cranking that Everclear album at 10 helps.... -

So does playing rock and roll -



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