Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm about to say something really offensive - something that's terrible and will probably get me in trouble someday - beware....

In reading the following post, you may feel I'm talking about some fucking idiot who called my QQ with 22 all in on a 983 flop and rivered another 2. And yes, that was an ignorant fucking idiot....but there are bigger ignorant fuckwads out there...

Tomorrow Texans vote to put bigotry back into their constitution...They say it's not Natural Law for two people of the same gender to want to be together, so they're gonna make it as difficult as possible for them to try. want Natural Law? - Let me give you some, you fucking rednecks - you're all ignorant cocksuckers who wouldn't be alive right now if it weren't in violation if Natural Law, because Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection says you can't survive if you're inferior, but in our 21st century world, we coddle and protect you so you can.

I want Natural Law to rule too - survival of the fittest - and there is a part of me that wishes a bird influenza pandemic would blow thru the US and decimate it.

Nature has been held back too long - We as a species are out of control and nature has a way of correcting that shit - Take out a few million, take care of that unemployment problem and that Social Security crisis and we'll all be stronger who survived.

and let's face it - there are just too many ignorant fucking idiots in the world - I think I could survive it cause I'm smart and fairly healthy - but all these fucking useless wastes of oxygen who repeat and vote what their pastors and leaders tell them without any foresight or thought into the consequences or freedoms of others - They're useless as a screen door on a sub.

I admit it - I hope mother Nature makes a serious fucking course correction across their bigoted Texan asses - One Hurricane isn't enough.



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