Friday, November 18, 2005

it was an unwanted song - not hated or despised or necessarily bad - merely unwanted.

it had no place in the album - it had no place on the radio - everyone agreed it was nice and had lots of potential, but it wasn't wanted.

Where do unwanted songs go? - - No - they filter down to the grass and weeds take over and consume the notes and the lyrics for food - worms dine on them and go forth to be used as fish bait, who like worms who are well fed on melodies and codas and bridges and guitar solos.

It made no connection - no one heard it and said "yes, that's how I feel" - No one ever claimed any close personal connection to it - no one ever fucked anyone with it playing in the background like a movie soundtrack. It had no bearings, and no advocate.

Every once in a while one shows up at the door, as my friend Bill used to say - like a child you forgot you had. You let it in, feed it lunch, and catch up on it....and then off it goes like a prodigal son -

In many ways it would be better to be hated then unwanted - it thinks....even hated songs are popular....



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