Wednesday, November 30, 2005

holy friggen moley -

I just borrowed a copy of an Xbox poker program - I decide to play a tournament, and whoops, it's 6 handed - no biggie - and the interface blows - no biggie..

I get 57 hearts and you start with 8BB, so of course I'm gonna limp multiway in this.

Flop comes with two hearts and me and one other player get it all in after 8 raises (limit tourney) -

She has K high - K8 on a QJ7 board - one heart in her hand, but that's it -

she bet away her entire stack on K high -

even the worst Party player isn't this bad - this software sucks. That was a waste of 5 min. of my life...I feel violated.

Glad I borrowed it from a friend - LOL Hate to think they violated me personally at the cash register.



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