Wednesday, November 30, 2005

hmmm...Pokerstars is doing a server restart - SNG's are disabled so I put $10 into a NL nickel/dime table -

still nickel and diming but I'm up from $300 to $380 on what's probably only about ten SNG's, none over $10 - - I am 75 FPP towards clearing the small bonus as well, so I'll just see if I can get the Pokerstars account up there for the year.

With the loss of my spreadsheet - (goddamn data corruption or somthing) - I'm stuck for tracking for the year....but I will have to recreate one for the next year...

I know this year is at a loss anyways - just played too many games above the BR and skill level - too much booze - next year will be better - I know it for a fact...


Did my first snowboarding experience tonight -- ow...3 weeks of lessons - I actually ended up rolling my vegas trip a day back so that I could catch the third lesson.

world of pain, bro - world of pain


Fuck - AK hearts got in an 8 buck pot and I couldn't hit one of the 15 outs I needed to win over two cards -

It's only $4.25 - shit...I'd blow more then that in a single shot - but it still sucks to lose it at poker - LOL.

ah well.


Got the new live Lucinda Williams - for some reason I put this off cause I didn't like her last album as much as Essence or Car Wheels - but it's pretty damned cool, of course.


I removed a post from a couple days ago - it talked too much about people who did not give consent to be present, and seeing as how I have no desire to actually TELL them about the blog.

I have a strange paranoia between that world and this one...I try not to let them cross over - I don't want friends to know that I have this window on the world where they can read about me - I had a couple I wished away - and I've removed every link (from the web pages) that I can but an intelligent person can still find me pretty darned easy.

Thank god there aren't that many intelligent people out there - LOL...


New Lucinda Williams Live album - awesome - I know I said it two items back - I'm saying it again - Live at the Fillmore - if Johnny Cash had an would have been Lucinda but Lucinda was already busy taking the title of songwriter from Hank Williams - Every city dweller and hip hop fan who doesn't listen to her cause she's a mixture of rock and country is going to come up short in their porfolio of great experiences in music.

I'm amazed she doesn't have more female fans - she writes a real good pissed off love song - LOL


looking forward to the WPBT - and being there on time Friday and actually schmoozing with some folks this time instead of running in late and running out to get sleep - LOL - I do have issues with schmoozing though - I'm horribly introverted, so if I look disinterested or worse yet (as will happen) forget your name....sorry - I suck with names to the N'th degree -

I had joked with my friend Liz that I should go wear the suit and act like a bigh shot at the poker table, but Liz pointed out that yeah, at it's core, it does look like I walked right out of a Carter Family picture in it. While that was the intended impression when I bought it, that may not fly in Vegas like it does on a stage....LOL - But I was never good at fashion - so maybe I'll just say fuck it...

I feel like dying the grey out of my hair....and regrowing the beard - (never happen in 8 days but I can go for the Sonny Crockett look - LOL



At 1:08 PM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

I'll listen for the MinnesOOOOtan accent in the room :)

If I looked glazed over, its because my birthday is on Thursday and the bloggers treated me to too many shots and I still haven't recovered.


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