Thursday, December 01, 2005

I admit it - I like Full Tilt's new Ad -

In it, Mike Matusow is making faces and shouting "The only thing bigger then MY MOUTH is the 100% signup bonus at full tilt"

While this is funny and acknowledges a number of things, there is one stated thing it doesn't announce but makes abundantly clear.

Mike Matusow has become a poker Celebrity - one of those we hold up high and gets lots of new admirers while the detractors hate him even more. He has a bankable personality and you can be damned sure he'll be at the next WPT badboys of poker.

But he's also a guy who has tempered tremendously - and has been as low as you can go, so I think he's gonna like these highs a lot more....

I'm rooting for him - unless he becomes a mega asshole again - LOL.



EDIT - Full Tilt is down - been down for about 12 hrs as near as I can tell.



At 8:26 AM, Anonymous Nick said...

The Mouth is my favorite anti-hero. I like rooting for someone I don't want to emulate and wouldn't necessarily want to have a beer with.

Nice link to "The Grind" btw. Riveting stuff.

At 9:12 AM, Anonymous njchick said...

A very close friend of my works for Full Tilt in their Vancouver office. I don't play on there often, but they work very hard to deliver a sound product-- even with the major meltdown this past week. I see great things with FTP going forward.

As for Mike the Mouth. Every time I go on tilt online, I'm reminded of his so called meltdown where he yanked his monitor out of the socket and threw out the window into the pool.


At 7:05 PM, Blogger whiskeytown said...

email updates state they had a critical hardware failure and used that chance to also upgrade the software - I'll check it out later -

Um yah, that's a meltdown - LOL.



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