Saturday, December 10, 2005

no, you can't get rid of me that easy - even on the crux of our dominating blogger tour, rumor of which has apparently made the LV rounds, I am still here, your loyal servant - updating the blog.

Or I could just be bragging cause I'm up $330 and counting after 24 hrs, no thanks to tourneys...I already think my aggressive play is gonna have to be modified - when they don't fold, you can't bluff - working on it -


I LOVE vegas at 5am - you get the whole world to yourself - passing thru the hallways at Bellagio - you can appreciate the beauty without the noise, tourists, or pressure to be buying shit -


Saw my first full blown Poker confrontation that ended with a guy taking on 10 security guards and losing - :) - This was about 4am at the Imperial Palace and a friend of AlCantHang was there, so I have a witness - hilarious -

A drunk loudmouth was all in and showed his cards to someone who had chips but was still in the sidepot - This is an obvious no-no - but here's what it comes down to...

" showed your cards and you're not supposed to do it - don't do that, sir"

but NNOOOOO - he has to make a big fuss but he just goes SO over the top it was unreal to see - He told the boss to go fuck off a few times - - and then he gets in the face of people telling him to cool down and slaps one guy a couple times.

It's incredible - it just got worse and worse - security gets there and they've got him cornered and 10 guys around him....NOW you should stop being an asshole and leave the premises nicely...oh no...that's not what he does -

No - let's put up a fight and get taken down hard by 8 security guards - I LOVE it...

there's a story that will stay in vegas... :) - Yah I got drunk and stoopid and lost a fight with 8 security guards, got charged with assault (a guy he slapped wanted to file charges) and hung out in Jail - and all I had to do was NOT BE AN [censored]!!!!! - LOL

I of course, being 8 feet from the action, grabbed my two stacks of Red - I didn't want the brawl knocking my chips and me losing my $100 profit - (hey, I KNOW what's the smart thing to do, babee...protect the dough - LOL)

best show I've ever seen in Vegas :grin:



allrighty - off to 2+2 and the WPBT - they're gonna kick my ass...



At 12:00 PM, Anonymous Mr. Parx said...

Nice to see someone who's there is keeping us apprised.

Now, to go fishing on blogger-free online poker sites....

Mr. Parx

At 12:32 PM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

The dealers were still talking about the fight the next night.

Appearently one of the people in the fight used to deal at the IP.

At 2:24 PM, Blogger whiskeytown said...

Yep - he was a floor/sup. at the new Ceasar's room that's coming up.

He tried to get involved and get the guy to back down - (he was at our table, but got in the middle of it) - the guy slapped him and the dealer/floorguy got two or three light slaps and was holding a beer bottle and we thought he was gonna clock the guy. He didn't and explained later at our table he almost did but KNEW he'd miss work on Mon. cause he'd have to spend the whole weekend in Jail.

Every night of the week I saw a fight or almost a fight, or security just escort out a pissed player. Unreal. I wonder if it was always like this and i just missed it before thru alcohol induced eyes.

I wonder if people looked at me with that same lust for my chips the way I did with the token alcoholics I found at all my tables this trip.

Heh...still the best show ever in Vegas, IMHO.


At 3:24 PM, Blogger AlCantHang said...

God damn it. How did I miss meeting you during the trip. Or if I did, I apologize for being too drunk to remember :)


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