Friday, December 09, 2005

This is what it all comes down to -

I've made about 4 trips to Vegas - first one was painful - number two was ok - 3 and 4 were decent enough too send me back.

I'm going down with about 700 - (what I went down with the first time I went) - if I win enough to finance another trip (+300 or so) then I'll save all the BR money and keep going this winter till it runs out. My best results are on 1/2 NL, so that's what I'm going for.

If I lose a lot, then I take what's left - spend it on a present, and put a halt to all live playing in Vegas till I'm out of debt - but after plan out of debt comes plan buy a house.

I can play/build/maintain a bankroll without $300 expendetures that bite me in the ass right from the get this is just sort of icing - puts more pressure on this trip.

But I don't think in this past year I've ever been a better poker player then I am now - I am ON this game and I am seeing it again - I'm seeing who can be picked off with a bluff, and who can be value bet. Concepts I read and gloss over for years are now crystal clear.

I'm gonna walk out of that town with more then I walked in - $300 for travel costs - $700 in my pocket...I want over 1K when I leave. NL tourneys (only the best, of course - like the Aladdin Nooner) and 1/2 NL at the MGM is what I'm gonna shoot for.



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