Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hey guys - I'm back....

Here's the dealie - I don't have any "your blog sucks" t-shirts for sale - LOL - just make your own.

If anyone in LV gets the Las Vegas Sun, please look for me - a reporter with a camera asked my name and I assume he got a shot of me and if I'm a poker player with my picture in the Las Vegas Sun (now part of the Review Journal) - I want a copy - ain't seen nothing onsite.

I missed hanging with Pauly, Iggy, and I really wanted to hang with Wil Wheaton, who I probably scared off with my impression of geek fan - truth is, I wanted to meet him more then anyone - even the pros who didn't show like Clonie and Jesus, and the ones who did, like Barry Greenstein. I've just admired his work and writing for years before he became a poker player when he was just "CleverNickName" on Slashdot, and then on his blog.

But I really am not that big a Trekkie - only have the first season of the original series on DVD and I don't TIVO it or anything - but from reading his blog I always got the feeling Wil and I would have hung playing D&D and wargames and chatting computers together if we were both on level footing in the same High School - anyways...I'm not as bad as the girl who I met two years ago at a friend's prop building party with a Wil Wheaton Posse T-shirt - LOL. But Wil is cool again so us old hardcore fans must fall away as the harem builds anew - LOL. j/k

But I had a friend who wanted to hang...and I just wanted to get some food, crash at his place, and dick around - not hang around till 7pm watching people win games I couldn't win, drink drinks I couldn't drink, and I sorta am a wallflower in giant crowds of people - still can't believe I found the courage to approach Barry, Nolan Dalla, and Wil cold turkey.

Instead after the tourney, a fun off-strip craps game with a $1 pass line and 10x odds, and my 5 hr run with Rich at Green Valley Ranch, LOL - I went back to the IP and got into a 1/2 NL game at 3am -

I am documenting it, It's running 10 pages of a Word document and counting - I believe it to be the most important night of Poker I have ever played.

But I got two hrs of shit sleep on an airplane and I've been typing for 3 hrs....seems like every blogger is in recovery mode right now....LOL - so I can buy another day or two of grace, right?

Good to meet ya all - I've got a few photos and I'm happy and I'm gonna like Charlie's book and Phil's DVD and I'm gonna try to get ahold of them both and tell them so. I'm gonna try to bookmark some blogs of folks I met - and if we did, drop me an email or comment and I'll add it on there - I'm usually pretty hard to please though, and links go away fast...this isn't really a link page for you guys - it's the bookmarks I use when I go visit bloggers - LOL.

But I must recover a bit - fall asleep in the recliner with a bong and 4 TIVO'd episodes of Law and Order in HD - and three Netflix DVD's of "Sex in the City" - (I'm still trying to figure out how women think - LOL.)

then I shall tell the whole story - anyone wanna volunteer to edit a post for me for once? - LOL I'll probably need an editor on this one.



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