Monday, December 19, 2005

so this is how the book starts.... or rather the book I'm going to write someday, I'm sure...

Blog taking up one half of the screen - poker tables on the other half. And if you guys could see the picture on my desktop, which is probably not too SFW, though not obscene, then you'd see, it's perfectly clear.

I can't think of a single goddamn reason to ever walk into a casino ever again.

Here's a spot where my tourney game can grow unchecked by issues like buy-in's since the limits can get so low when you start out - you can ALWAYS afford a SNG in 5 min. - no loitering - no noise like Loudmouth -

Internet poker has large $100 buyin tourneys where one or two wins a year can fund a bankroll - a big bankroll online can open so many doors to the big tourneys without any risk to a good satellite player.

I am in danger of becoming a recluse - me thinks - I turn the lights down, turn up the irish music, light a candle, take a toke, start a game table, and off we go.

I can't do any of this in a real casino - man....

Only the warmth of the strip and the reams of loose 1/2 cash keep me going back to Vegas - I'll be more likely to fly to Vegas this year then go down to my local Canterbury room.

I'm going to get more ambitious in my debt repayment plan. - I thought I might have to subside my poker playing again at $300/mo. till I got my back up to speed. As of now, that's not necessary.

I find myself setting a lot of arbritary and artifical goals for me to hit. when I break this point in the BR I'll start playing higher buyin games, and plot it out and plan it right - then cash in and start over again like a contest. In fact, this blog started out in it's original form as the Open Internet Challenge update page.

I come from a wargaming background. To me It's seize objective, and progress to the next objective, and progress till you've seized all objectives. In a poker tournament, you proceed from conflict to conflict with the ultimate goal of winning the war. That's why tourneys feel so right for me.

For a long time there, I was stuck on the last one objective needed to progress my game - obscenely stuck and now I feel I've moved forwared so I'm revising and redefining objectives and repeating that scene last week with Loudmouth isn't one of them.

I forgot to tell the ending of that - I left it out.

When I got to my room after it was all done I cried for about two minutes, said a quick prayer, washed my face, and tried to get some sleep.

Just cause I CAN do it doesn't mean I want to.

Long story short - cash in the 800 Live BR on an Ipod and build a PC to play poker on TV with wireless keyboard and mouse - (LCD TV's rock)

keep playing low limit online and set objectives for myself - catch the new Wil Wheaton tourney on Tuesday, since I no longer work the nights he's running it....and just hold up - keep playing the SNG's and occasional tourney and grind it out....

light the candle, turn down the lights, and chill till Spring starts up again.

Kinda dangerous though....A life like this, esp. in a lazyboy recliner starts making being single seem bearable, almost positive.

that CANNOT be a good thing. But somehow I think that too much of this will do what it has done in the past, and drive me back to Canterbury where the limit players are fish and the food is warm, and the conversation is good.

so I won't worry....I go thru these phases...LOL



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