Thursday, December 22, 2005

He paces back and forth across the room, telling and retelling the story, till finally he sits down and just starts typing...


calypso music on my PC? - The Americana channel has been hijicked - When I was in my 20's, I had long black hair with strands of grey starting. I imagined me being a long haired rock and roller till I was 40 and then joining an Irish band and spending the rest of my days playing celtic music.

Even today, when I say I wanna be a writer, what I mean is I want to be a SONGWRITER - poker writer, too, of course - writer of musings and essays, but mostly just a songwriter.

Everything I write lately comes in snatches - two lines here, two there - reshape an idea and steal a bunch of lines from an unwritten song for the new one. It's tedious and backbreaking and I did one last year and one the year before.

This year I'm poised to have 4 done in 3 months....and they're not bad - a bit hokey - One could probably say a bit too radio-singlish for Americana Radio - if there WERE radio singles for Americana stations, which there are VERY few nowadays :) -

I was supposed to go on a date this week - I never did....she sorta postponed and if she never calls me back (and she may not) then I'm not worried. She would have cut into some things I want to work on.

I'm not sure I believe in the word, but if there was ever a primed time of my life for what could be called a "Comeback" - this may be the year.

2005 WAS better then 2004. I think 2006 can be up there with the best of them if I give it 110% on the poker/music front - maybe...



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