Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wil has this commentary and comments with Chris Ferguson on a potential WPT boycott.

I'll add my own two cents here as a feared old wizard of the blogger community who is feared more for his cackle then his opinion....

About fucking time

We were going thru this 2-3 years ago with that group that tried to start up tourneys for PLAYERS, not for casinos - and several pros have expressed concern that their image can be used without their permission cause they signed away certain rights.

That WPT really seems to be shooting itself in the foot - It's amazing to me the idiocy of these TV folks - If a player at a final table can sell a piece of himself for wearing a SHIRT - then he has the right to negotiate it - and if he/she doesn't want their image used in...

well, fuck it - nevermind -- I'm wrong - it's their tourney. They can do whatever they want. There's enough competition right now out there where if someone didn't wanna play a WPT event they wouldn't have to.

Can I tell you a dream of mine? - Big ass dream...

Big, big big ass dream that'll never happen cause I'm such a fucking loser :)

Win a big tourney or two - become an expert satellite player and win seats to the EPT events -

buy plane tkts. - fly in the day before and fly out the day after. Then if you bust, you just get to spend a couple days exploring Europe.

That's what I need to do - Pokerstars - SPONSER ME!!!! - LOL.

but alas...that bottom line :) - it's pretty high for me....I need millions to be assured of my comfort and relax enough to quit my day job.

Or night job, as it may be...

I'm hungry - later.


Just read Felicia's blog - she's preparing her best/worst of lists for 2005 - if I were you guys I'd start buttering up early -

I was gonna send her my "Your Blog Sucks" shirt for next year's tourney...LOL -

Ok, I'm hungry - later


At 6:51 PM, Blogger Felicia :) said...

Part of the 2005 list has already been published on my LJ. Go look. Very few comments so far. I think most regular readers are getting ready for xmas.

You'll make the list again, I'm certain, lol.

At 3:37 AM, Blogger whiskeytown said...

yah...but best or worst? - LOL

I didn't win any best dressed awards at the WPBT - I can tell ya that ;)


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